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Your Beginner Exercise Plan for Home

If you haven’t exercised in forever and you need a place to start then this is the blog for you. Here I provide you with a great exercise program you can do from home and in a short amount of time. No equipment is needed, you just need to start.

Home Exercise Program for Beginners:

10-20 reps x Kitchen Bench Push-Ups (upper body)

30-40sec x Single Leg Balance (lower body/balance)

10-20 reps x Squats or Sit to Stands (lower body/strength)

10 – 20 reps x Hip Raises (lower body/Core)

X 1-3 rounds

Complete each exercise one at a time as a circuit for 10-20 reps, whatever you feel comfortable enough to do. You can complete the circuit for 1 round or 2-3 rounds depending on how much you feel you can handle.

Photos of exercises are provided below:

Kitchen Bench Push-Ups – I’m doing this on a bar at the gym but should look the same on your kitchen bench.

Single Leg Balance

Squats / Sit to Stands

Hip Raises

Program Rules:

  • Don’t expect too much from yourself
  • Take your time and do the exercises slowly
  • Try to feel the muscles you are working on and start getting a feel for how your body moves
  • Do what you can and build up overtime

If you want further information on some of the above exercises check out these other blogs:

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  2. How to: Squat

Get started today and remember to reach out if you want help with progressing your home program.

Nathan Spring