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5 ways to feel your best!

Here are 5 common reasons that might be holding you back and some simple ways how you can turn them around so you can feel better, instantly. 

  1. Too Tired? Have a cold shower or splash cold water on your face
  2. Feeling Stressed? Do this simple breathing exercise – Box Breathing
  3. In a Low Mood? Go for a 15 – 20min walk outside
  4. Having Poor Sleep? Make sure you aren’t having any caffeine after lunch and avoid all screens at least 2 hours before bed.
  5. Have Aches and Pains? Try this simple 5min stretching routine – Full Body Stretch

Sometimes while you’re in the ‘moment’ it can be really hard to remind yourself to do something different to change your state but hopefully with these simple tips you can start to make some quick changes to improve how you are feeling really easily and quickly.

If you have anything that you do differently for the above issues we’d love to hear about them!

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