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Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Today I want to quickly touch on a really simple trick that can really help you with your eating habits.

When it comes to improving your diet you have to be really mindful of your habits around food, both good and bad.

Questions like ‘what’s the worst part of my diet’ and ‘why do I make poor food choices’ are really important in figuring out what and how you need to change to improve your overall diet.

My tip for today is: Out of Sight, Out of Mind!

If you remember back to our blog post – The Habit Loop. You’ll remember that your habits are made up of 4 points. Today’s tip focuses on the first point – The Cue. In this case, we are talking about sight. The cue is seeing food or drinks that then lead to a craving.

So by out of sight, out of mind what we are trying to achieve is stopping the ‘craving’ from eventuating, and doing this by removing the visual cue of the food.

How to apply this at home:

  • Put any of your ‘naughty’ or ‘sometimes’ food somewhere where they aren’t easily visible. That way when you go looking for a quick snack in the afternoon or after dinner it’s not the first thing you grab.
  • Don’t buy it. This makes it much easier to avoid, it’s out of sight but also not easily accessible when you want it.
  • Avoid the Aisle. When you are shopping, don’t even bother going down the aisle with chocolate, chips, and lollies. This will help with the above tip.
  • Change where you eat & drink. This one can be harder when you have your favourite coffee shop, cafe, or eatery but deciding to eat at places that offer healthier alternatives will help your decision-making.
  • Don’t go that way. A good example is If you always drive past a Mcdonald’s every day then change the way you go (if you can).

Pro-Tip: You will make poor decisions around food when you are unorganised. It’s when we are ‘hungry’ and don’t know what we are going to eat that leads to eating what is in front of us. So plan ahead and stay ahead of the game!

Nathan Sprin