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Strengthening the Pelvic Floor

Your pelvic floor is a really important muscle that plays a few roles including supporting the bladder, bowel and the uterus along with helping the activation of deep abdominal and back muscles.

This little muscle is located between the tailbone and the pubic bone and can often be forgotten about. Keeping this muscle strong is very important and can be done with a few simple activation cues.

Exercise 1: Imagine you are at a party and someone you really like walks in, you need to fart and desperately want to prevent it. Practice engaging and holding that feeling. (Back)

Exercise 2: Imagine you are passing urine. Now envisage trying to stop the flow of urine. Image you are releasing and then preventing the flow. (Front)

Exercise 3: Now focusing on the middle of this muscle, think of a red-hot needle being aimed at this region. Try to pull the midsection back inside your body and away from the needle. (Middle)

Contract each of the areas of your pelvic floor and hold for anywhere between 5-10sec for 3 rounds.

Reference: Incontinence – An Aggressive Approach to Treatment by Peter Dornan

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