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How to: Squat

Squats are and should be a staple in any exercise program and are key in developing the strength in your legs. No matter what level you are at with your squats here are a few important factors that go into making your squats not only safe but effective.

Here I am demonstrating a sit-to-stand where you squat to a chair or stool which is great for beginners or anyone needing to work on their technique. Starting with a sit-to-stand allows you to break down the movement and check/correct your positioning throughout the squat. It is also a great starting point for those who may suffer from knee pain or have a lot of weakness in their legs. The lower the chair the harder the movement will be.

3 key things to avoid in your squat:

3 key points to focus on instead:

Once you can squat low enough to a chair you can progress to doing Bodyweight Squats (without a chair) then move onto something like a Goblet Squat which is where you start holding a weight at your chest.

Just remember no matter how far you progress the above tips will apply to doing a great squat.

Give it a go yourself and remember to contact us if you want help improving your squat!

Nathan Spring