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Sunshine Coast’s Best Small Fitness Studio


Our classes are suitable for all fitness levels and are tailored to suit each individual so they can get the most out of their training and make the progress they need to see results. 

Our coaches are committed to seeing you succeed and will work with you to keep you accountable and training hard.

Group Fitness Classes

Become a part of our group fitness program and get the most out of your training!

You’ll get access to a variety of full body classes that include strength training, cardio, core, flexibility and much more. No two classes are the same and no matter what your fitness level or individual needs we tailor each class to suit you. Our goal is to see you achieve your goals and get the results you want. We are committed to keeping you accountable, training hard and most of all enjoy your training.

Casual Sessions
$20 per class

10 Class Pass

$40 per week

everyone starts as a beginner


High intensity interval training is a fast moving and upbeat class that will push you each and every session.

HIIT training

Complete Body

Our most popular class is a full body routine that guarantees an ultimate workout.

With a different focus in each class you will be sure to get a massive variety in training styles and exercises. No two sessions are the same!

breathing for pilates

Mat Pilates

Take on and master the fundamentals of Pilates with our mat classes.

Build the foundational components to better movement and posture as you learn to centre yourself, control your breath and build strength throughout your body.

Mat Classes at The Local Gym Woombye.


Our yoga classes are taught in a gentle and deeply restful style that is suitable for all levels.

Featuring a combination of floor based and standing poses, we give lots of cues and options to help you find your zen.

boxing classes


A high energy, fun, social class which really gets your heart rate up and your blood pumping.

Walk away feeling fantastic and like you’ve had a great workout!

sunshine coast pilate class

Aerial Silks

Take the pressure off and decompress both mentally and physically as you fearlessly hang in our gorgeous silks.

Get the most out of yourself with our full body workouts to improve your strength, flexibility and mood.

Reformer Classes

Using our beautifully designed reformers you will achieve a full-body workout every time, improving your overall strength, balance and flexibility by using a variation of resistances and movements. The benefits are endless.

Casual Reformer Class
$28 per class

10 Class Pass

Full-Use Membership
$75 per week (*includes reformer classes)

reformer pilates explained
what is pilates

Classes Timetable

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