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How to: Push Up

Push-ups are a fantastic full-body exercise that focuses on strengthening your upper body and is classified as a pressing movement. They can be done in so many different ways and can be made easier or harder to suit your current abilities.

No matter what level you do your push-ups there are some key points to focus on to make sure you are doing them with the best technique possible. Doing so will mean you get more out of the exercise and you won’t develop pain or poor movement patterns along the way.

When you do a push up you can also change the muscles you are targeting by changing the position on your hands. For example, by having your hands closer together you will get your triceps more involved. By having your hands further apart you will be getting your pecs to engage and work harder.

When it comes to good technique here are a few things to avoid:

Instead here is what you need to focus on:

Like I said before push-ups can be changed to suit your current abilities which mean there is no reason not to try them. They can be done on the wall, kitchen bench, on your knees, or on your toes.

If you’d like help with developing the strength in your upper body and incorporating push-ups into your exercise routine please reach out.

Nathan Spring