Nathan Spring

Personal Trainer / S&C Coach / Pilates Instructor

Nathan is a principle-based coach who works to develop the fundamentals with his clients. Using his experience Nathan simplifies and breaks down these overarching principles so his clients can achieve great results and be educated for long term success. 

I enjoy Nathan’s motivating but laid back approach to training. Always positive, encouraging, accommodating and inclusive. I would struggle to find a better coach – Dr Khal Alsaee

Jesse Ferguson

Accredited Exercise Physiologist / Wellness Coach

Jesse is an accredited exercise physiologist that has worked in one of the largest mental health units on the sunshine coast since 2013 and has been a part of The Local Gym team since 2012. Jesse loves getting people started with fitness and health when they don’t know where to start. He specialises in exercise for mental health and chronic pain conditions but can also help prescribe exercise programs for many medical conditions and injuries.

Jesse Ferguson is a very skilled and committed exercise physiologist and trainer who inspires confidence in his clients with his friendly manner and expertise. Jesse achieves significant positive outcomes for clients of all ages, abilities and physical and mental health needs in a highly professional and supportive environment – Dr Taye Chai

Isabel King

Exercise Scientist / Yoga & Pilates Instructor / Corrective Exercise Specialist

Isabel takes a holistic and versatile approach to fitness, movement and health. Integrating her knowledge and background in resistance training, yoga and corrective exercise to help her clients achieve their goals.

Isabel has coached and encouraged me in many aspects to improve my strength, fitness and confidence. She has an amazing ability to predict how you will work to your best ability on a day by day basis. Her workouts are always different, incorporating a wide range of exercises, stretches, and encompassing breathing and relaxation techniques. I look forward to every session with her and feel more motivated during and in between my workout – Amy Setch

Karina Patrick

Pilates Instructor

Karina is a local who has been a long-standing regular at The Local Gym and TLGW Pilates Studio. She fell in love with Pilates, especially aerial silks, and loves the many benefits it brings for any age or body type. She is excited to share this passion with the TLGW Community! 

With a registered Nursing background she can provide safe and knowledgeable support for people of all skill levels. 

Mike Dunham

Personal Trainer / Pilates Instructor
Mike is passionate about sport and fitness, building up his knowledge as a competitor and coach over many years. He uses his own experiences and is continually looking for new innovative ideas to use when coaching, training and encouraging a wide variety of people to achieve and exceed their personal goals. His philosophy is ‘Learn the basics well and the rest will follow’.

Claire Jenkins

Personal Trainer / Pilates & Yoga Instructor 

After experiencing a life-threatening illness, Claire turned to yoga, pilates and group fitness classes to learn to move her body again. This experience led her to becoming qualified to teach these modalities, and more recently she has begun studying a Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Science (Hons) to continue her learning. Claire’s positivity and love for physical activity are a constant feature of her classes, and she hopes everyone leaves her classes feeling uplifted and energised.

Kerry Thompson

Pilates Instructor

Kerry is passionate about Pilates and loves how dynamic and challenging it can be while encompassing the mind and body connection. Strengthening the body and mind has a direct impact on our general happiness. My Teaching style is classic pilates suitable and beneficial for all levels of fitness, perfect for everybody.

I have found improvements in my posture, muscle tone and peace of mind since working out with Kerrie who makes all the difference to my busy week, making classes always challenging and fun – Linda Hutchinson