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Just throw it out

A very common mistake that I find a lot of people make, including myself, is eating food for the sake of not wanting it to go to waste. Now obviously we don’t want to be wasteful when it comes to our food, especially when there is nothing wrong with it. 

However the alternative isn’t any better, which is you eating it. 

For a lot of you this will be a hard habit to shake, and for others it will be a belief system you’ll have to learn to change. But at the end of the day you are not a bin, and just because you eat it doesn’t mean it isn’t going to waste. All you are doing is consuming unnecessary calories, which for most of you means weight gain and feeling like crap. 

Here are 4 things to consider:

  1. Eating out – Serving sizes at restaurants aren’t made to suit your calorie intake, so often you’ll be given a serving size that is too big for you but you’ll eat the whole anyway. Instead consciously order meals that have smaller portions &/or practice not finishing what’s on your plate.
  2. Junk food – If you have anything in the house you want to avoid eating then you best be getting it and chucking it in the bin. If it’s in the house you’ll eat it.
  3. Leftovers – Having planned leftovers for the next day is completely acceptable. What you need to avoid is eating that little bit of leftovers that isn’t enough for another meal, or that the kids didn’t finish. 
  4. Wine – Wine gets a special mention here. Believe it or not, just because you open a bottle of wine doesn’t mean you have to finish it. Pour it down the sink! 

So next time you find yourself wondering if you should eat it or throw it out, you’ll know what to do!

Nathan Spring

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