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HIIT Training

HIIT is a fantastic form of training that can be done by anyone, anywhere and with no equipment making it a great option to add to your training week.

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and consists of short intervals of exercise done at a high intensity followed by short rest intervals done at a low intensity. These intervals can be anywhere from 10sec long up to 1-2minutes long. HIIT sessions are typically shorter in time running anywhere from 10-30min.

Benefits of HIIT Training:

  1. Save time – with shorter workouts it’s easier to fit them in
  2. Burn more energy in less time (save time)
  3. Improve anaerobic & aerobic capacity – better ‘cardio fitness’
  4. Push yourself harder – working at higher intensities than normal
  5. Improve power – from doing more dynamic and explosive exercises
  6. Anyone can do it – at any level of fitness

We run HIIT classes as part of our group coaching to make sure we are pushing our members in the areas mentioned above and provide a well-rounded training week. If you’d like to give HIIT training a go we’d love for you to come and join us for our HIIT sessions here at the gym. Alternatively, we can create a HIIT session for you to do at home.

Nathan SprinG