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Using Tech for your Training

The amount of technology and applications that you now have access to is enormous and is always developing. The good news for you is you can start to utilise this technology to help you achieve your health and fitness goals, making the process and experience more effective and efficient. Wearable tech especially is becoming very popular and for a good reason.

Here are 5 ways Technology and Applications can help you on your health and fitness journey.

  1. Tracking & Recording – As you know, we believe taking a measure on what you’re doing is paramount to achieving your goals which we talk more about here – What you measure, you can manage. You can take measure on everything these days from your heart rate during training to the calories you’re consuming in a day.
  2. Better Planning – The information you get from tracking then gives you the power to make better decisions moving forward, making your ability to plan ahead easier and more effective. The clearer the plan, the clearer the path is to your destination.
  3. Motivation & Accountability – You can’t deny how easy it is to ‘go through the motions’ when you train, or even worse just miss your session all together. Imagine if you knew exactly what to do, having it all laid out for you and knowing the specific targets you have to hit in your training sessions. When you have a predetermined benchmark for your training, it’s a lot more motivating to not only hit that benchmark but to exceed it.
  4. Comfort – Something as simple as wireless headphones, a smart watch or sport specific clothing and training gear makes all the difference to you how you feel when you train and the experience you have. Don’t take this for granted. It’ll be one less reason to stop you from training.
  5. Community – When it comes to applications a great feature that is often overlooked is the ability to join or create a community. Your community can either be face-to-face or virtually but this goes a long way when trying to achieve a goal. Surrounding yourself with like minded people who are trying to achieve a similar goal will provide you with more support, accountability and make it more enjoyable to do.

Nathan Spring