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4 Commonly Ask Questions about our Personal Training

1. Do I need to be a member of the gym to see a Personal Trainer?

No you don’t.You can see any of our trainers without being a member of the gym. Many of our clients that see our trainers aren’t members, some even train out of other gyms or at home.

2. Can I see a Personal Trainer outside of the gyms opening hours? 

Yes you can. Depending on the availability of our trainers you can do sessions on almost any day, at any time. That includes early mornings, during the day and even Sundays.

3. Do I have to sign up for a specific amount of sessions?

No. You can see one of our trainers casually or for a set number of sessions. We have flexible options to suit your goals, availability and most of all budget.

4. Do you have a membership that includes Personal Training?

We sure do. Our Results Membership is our best value for money option. It includes a weekly PT session alongside access to the gym and our group fitness classes. Everything you need to get great results.  

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