There will always be something on

There will always be something on

At the time of writing this it’s Easter weekend and like all of you no doubt I’ve spent the weekend with family and friends socialising, catching up and eating and drinking too much. 

Some of you might be thinking that after this Easter holiday and long weekend you’ll be back on the straight and narrow, back to a healthy eating and exercise regime. 

Now i am all for enjoying yourself, in fact it’s important that you aren’t restrictive, especially around times like these but that’s not the point i want to make today. Yes there needs to be balance but this balance needs to be consistent overtime. Not this yo-yo effect that sees you trying to make balance from one event to the next or one holiday to another. 

The point I want to make today is that there is always going to be something on or a reason to let your hair down and relax. In other words there is always going to be a way of justifying why you don’t do what you should be doing – exercising and/or eating better. A wedding, birthday, holiday, hard week at work, shitty day at work, Friday, seeing an old friend or even being ‘good’ for the week. 

It’s easy to see how every weekend can have something to make you deviate from your goals and plans. Then you’ll be back to saying that you’ll do this and do that after (fill in the blank). Don’t let this be your excuse anymore. Instead you need to figure out how you will find your balance throughout each weekend, each event and each holiday without feeling like you are ‘off the wagon’ or feeling guilty.

There will always be something on to stop you from moving forward with your goals; that doesn’t mean you should let it.

Nathan Spring