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Don’t wait until the new year to start!

As Christmas approaches and the year comes to an end you might be thinking that getting started with your training now wouldn’t be worth it and that you should wait until the new year to start. I am here to tell you otherwise. 

During the year we encourage people to start now, whenever that may be. Not to wait for Monday, or the next month, or after that party that is coming up in a couple of weeks. All you are doing is putting it off and procrastinating, pushing back the start time.

Right now you’re most likely really busy with work, kids or even social events but the reality is it’s not going to be any different come the new year. There will be just as much stuff going on and even more reasons for you to delay ‘getting started’.

So my message to you is DON’T WAIT! Get started now. There is no reason to wait until the new year. Like I said before this probably isn’t the first time you’ve ‘waited to start’, you might even recognise that you didn’t achieve the health goals you wanted in 2022. So let’s break that trend, don’t wait until 2023 and get started now. 

Just think how good it will be to go into the new year having already started with your training, and your health and fitness journey. Starting can be the hardest, and you can tick that box off now. 

For those of you who are thinking that there is no point because there will be days you don’t train over Christmas/New Year, I want you to stop. The goal is to get started and build some momentum before the end of the year, not to train every day and diet over Christmas. That is just another excuse and we won’t accept that : )

If you’re unsure of what to do pre-Christmas, then get in touch with us!

Nathan Spring

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