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Weight Loss – 6 other ways to tell if you are getting results

Weight loss is such a common goal for most of us and although it may not be our priority, most of us wouldn’t mind if we lost a couple of kilos. But when it comes to actually losing weight it is a lot harder than it sounds. Exercise more, eat less, you know the drill.

It’s when we do exactly that and the scales don’t move, despite our best efforts that really gets us down, frustrated and unmotivated. We see it all the time. You make all of these changes and then nothing happens, on the scales at least.

So what’s the solution here?

Something that we really like to focus on is that although your weight is a measure and your goal is to lose weight, it’s not the only measure that dictates whether you’re successful in your efforts or moving closer to your goal. Because at the end of the day how you look in your clothes (or naked) is more important than your actual body weight. Like I also mentioned earlier, weight loss is usually only a small piece of the puzzle for most people. There are a lot more elements that we’re aiming to achieve that shouldn’t be forgotten about along the way.

There are all of these other things we’re achieving that get overlooked because we’re too focused on the one thing that isn’t changing. This is the easiest way to lose motivation and go back to your old ways.

So whether or not you’re about to start or you’re already on your way, consider these 6 different ways to tell if you are getting results.

  1. How your clothes fit – or more specifically your girth measurements
  2. How you look – has your body shape changed (photos help here)
  3. Your energy levels and mood – do you have more energy, do you feel better
  4. Your fitness level – what progress have you made in your exercises/workouts
  5. Improved health measures – blood pressure, cholesterol etc etc
  6. Compliments from other people – Don’t take these for granted or devalue them

I promise you if you focus on all the positives that come from eating better and exercising, over time the weight loss will come. Your consistency and effort over time will be rewarded.

Nathan Spring