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Training at Home

This week we are in a COVID lockdown. While some of you won’t have any changes to your routine or timetable, others will be staying at home throughout the lockdown. One thing we all have in common though is that none of us can access the gym or our usual training facility. Instead, you are having to exercise from home or outdoors close by.

Training from home is easier said than done though and while you might have the best intentions it’s another thing to follow through and get it done.

Now typically what happens when you try to train from home is you get easily distracted. Distracted from all the other things you could be doing instead of doing your workout. The other side of this is that you just aren’t in the mood, don’t have the motivation, or just couldn’t be bothered and that can come down to the fact that when you are at home you are generally in a more relaxed mood/environment.

So to keep up with your workouts from home try out these simple tricks and ideas:

  1. Have a plan – pick something you are going to do ahead of time.
  2. Stick to the same time – train at the same time you usually would if you were going to the gym.
  3. Get changed – getting changed into your workout gear will start to help you change your mood and mindset.
  4. Put music on – putting on some upbeat music will also help get you in the mood to start your workout.
  5. Create the space – pick a space in your house that can be your ‘workout’ space, set it up so it’s an energetic environment, and clear from anything that could be distracting.
  6. Start with 5 min – sometimes when it’s a bit harder to get motivated it’s important to just start with 5min, you’ll never not finish what you started.
  7. Do online PT – having an online personal training session is another great way to keep you accountable and give you a plan to continue with throughout the week.

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Nathan Spring