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How to: The Turkish Get-Up

The Turkish Get-Up is an awesome full body movement that helps develop both stability and mobility throughout the body and we encourage our members to give it a go as part of their training. It can be used as part of a fitness screen or as an exercise to develop better strength and range of movement through the hips and shoulders.

This isn’t an exercise you need to do with a lot of weight so start off with either light to no weight and then build up from there as you refine your technique and your stability/mobility improve.

Now the movement at first may look quite difficult but if you take it step by step and nice and slowly you’ll be surprised with how quickly you can pick it up.

Key tips to remember:

  • Keep your arm straight at all times (if you can’t do this the weight is too heavy)
  • You need to keep your shoulder and your body centred underneath the weight
  • Keep your eyes on your weighted hand until your support arm is off the ground

7 Steps to master the Turkish Get-Up:

1. Get set up – right arm up, right leg bent (heel close to bum) with left arm and leg relaxed straight and sitting 45 degrees off the body

2. Press forward sitting up onto your left elbow

3. Push higher coming up onto your left hand

4. Lift hips high and sweep left leg back and underneath the ips (this step is hard when you have limited mobility)

5. Press away from the floor with your left hand and come up to a kneeling position

6. Now it’s time to get up – finishing in a standing position

7. Then you will need to get back down going through these steps in reverse

Please note: If you suffer from any shoulder injuries or conditions it might be best to miss this one out until you can be cleared or at least keep unloaded.