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How to find the right workout partner

Having a workout partner can make a huge difference to your training. Not only can it help with your motivation and keep you accountable but it can also help with keeping your training fun and interesting.

So how do you go about finding the right training partner?

Typically what we see and what you might even be able to relate to is choosing a workout partner who is just like you. You’ll lean towards someone who has the same sort of lifestyle as you and someone around the same fitness level as you.

This makes sense, to a certain degree. There is no issue in wanting to train with someone that you have a lot in common with and that you enjoy spending time with. But over time that can also lead to bad habits that neither of you realise your doing (or want to admit).

What you should do instead is find a workout buddy that is already doing all the things that you want to do. Someone who is where you want to be and who can be your ‘unreasonable friend’.

Why? Because this friend will do a better job at keeping you accountable and will push you when you need it. They have already learned how to prioritise their exercise, train consistently and keep a good routine which they will be able to help you develop. You want someone that won’t cancel on you and you can’t cancel on them. Someone who likes to train hard and push themselves each week. This type of person might be your fittest friend, and they are exactly who you should be approaching.

Now I know that some of you might be uncomfortable with this idea, maybe even intimidated. If you’re thinking that your fittest friend won’t want to work out with you because you’re too unfit then I guarantee you are wrong. In fact, prove me wrong! If anything they’ll be excited you’ve asked, maybe even a little too excited.

Then when you have an unfit friend needing help, you’ll be able to return the favour.

And if you can’t find a workout partner to push you along, then we can fill that gap for you 😉

Nathan Spring