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Consistently Inconsistent

How often do you get off track when it comes to your health and fitness? On top of that how regularly does it happen and if you were to try and pinpoint the reasons why you get off track would there be a common reason that causes it?

I ask these questions to start with to get you thinking a little deeper about the Why.

If you want to be successful in achieving your goals and maintain a certain level of health and fitness then you need to learn to be consistent, especially over a long period of time. Easier said than done though right?

Right now we are in April and there are a bunch of things happening that interrupt our usual schedules. There’s Easter, public holidays, kids home from school and social events galore. With all of this on it shouldn’t be your excuse, like i’ve said before there will always be something on that gets you off track. 

So how do you improve your consistentecy during these times? 

It all comes down to better planning and better planning means sitting down and actually planning ahead of time exactly what, when, where and how, not just thinking about it.

On top of that you need to plan around the times and events that you know that are going to take you away from your usual routines. Going back to my question earlier you need to identify what gets you off track and then create a plan on how you will avoid that again in the future. 

It might take a few repeat efforts to really get this down pat but when you do you’ll never have to worry about being inconsistent with your training or diet again.

Nathan Spring

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