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The Best Time to Exercise

When it comes down to the time of day you choose to exercise there isn’t any physiological benefit to training at one time versus another. Instead there is an ideal time for each and every person and it is all based on a couple of factors that need to be taken into account to achieve success.

You may or may not have been told that training in the morning is better for you than the afternoon or vice versa but the only reason why any of these statements would actually be the case is because the decision to do that suits you and all your lifestyle factors; not because your body ‘burns more fat’ or ‘builds more muscle’ at those specific times.

Deciding factors for when to exercise:

Availability – This is the most obvious one but your exercise should be scheduled around when you’re available and can make the time. There is no point planning to train at times of the day when you’re typically going to be busy with work, kids etc.

Energy Levels – Some people have much more energy in the morning, others may find they have more energy after work or even later in the evening. Training at times of the day where you have the most energy will mean you’ll train harder and you’re also less likely to skip the session from being tired or lethargic.

Interruption-Free Times – No such thing as an interruption-free time but the train of thought here is that we are looking for times throughout the day that you are the least likely to be interrupted. Simply to minimise anyone or anything getting in the way of your training.

When you organise your training to suit you and your lifestyle you’ll find it easy to establish a long lasting routine. It’s with this routine and new found consistency that will give you the results you want.

So It’s time to sit down, figure out what and when you are going to do and then get stuck into it!

Nathan Spring