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Strength Training for Women

This next point to me seems like such an old and outdated belief that I just assume that nobody thinks it anymore, but just in case i want to make the point early on to all of the women reading this. Let’s talk about Strength Training for Women.

Women don’t get too ‘big’ or too ‘muscly’ from lifting weights.

Yes women can increase the size of their muscles and build their physiques but never has a woman done this incidentally while training. For a woman to achieve a more muscular physique they would be dedicating everything they do to achieve it.

So no, you won’t wake up one day after some weight training and be too ‘buff’.

What i am confident in is that you’ll benefit in these different ways when doing strength training.

  • Improved strength, movement & posture
  • Stronger bones
  • Decrease risk of injury and disease
  • Improve mood and response to stress
  • Greater self belief & confidence
  • Sense of achievement
  • Improve body composition and physique

I always encourage women to at least try some form of strength training because the difference it makes is incredible… and usually immediate. Women are always so much stronger than they think they are and strength training instantly proves this.

So If you haven’t tried strength training yet, then I insist. Give it a try.

Nathan Spring