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Our private pilates studio offers a range of personalised pilates classes providing the complete connection of mind, body & soul.

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Using our beautifully designed reformers you will achieve a full-body workout every time, improving your overall strength, balance and flexibility by using a variation of resistances and movements. The benefits are endless.

Yin Reformer

Our Yin Reformer class offers the opportunity for deep stretching through the safety of our beautifully crafted reformer beds. It is an opportunity to de-stress both body and mind incorporating assisted stretching and relaxation techniques. It also includes an optional Indian head massage. A class guaranteed to leave you floating out the door.  


Take the pressure off and decompress both mentally and physically as you fearlessly hang in our gorgeous silks. Get the most out of yourself with our full body workouts to improve your strength, flexibility and mood.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is a type of yoga that uses silks/hammocks to assist with our diversely inspired Yoga poses. It’s a beautiful way to deepen stretches, relieve joint pressure and spinal compression and it helps strengthen the core.  


Take on and master the fundamentals of Pilates with our mat classes. Build the foundational components to better movement and posture as you learn to center yourself, control your breath and build strength throughout your body.


Our Yoga classes offer a combination of both Hatha and Yin Yoga.

Yin Yoga – Aims to focus on relaxation and deep gentle stretches with minimal movements to loosen up deep connective tissue.

Hatha – A gentle slow paced Yoga workout designed to increase muscular strength, flexibility and controlled breathing. Ideal for Beginners.


A fusion of Yoga and pilates with a strong focus on core strength and stability but also challenges all big muscle groups and a toning aspect.


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